Just Jumping to the Heart of it

I don’t want to start with an introduction about why this blog is going to be awesome. I figure I’ll just go ahead and jump right into things. The flow here will make sense later on.

My Tech Wiki (SSTech)

SStech is my tech notebook and wiki. It’s based on the excellent TiddlyWiki wiki application. SSTech should essentially be just an export of my Tech category of my larger, personal Wiki. As I work on the personal wiki, I hope to update SSTech by simply exporting the “Tech” category from my personal Wiki. Each update will overwrite the existing one HTML file on this website. I could include a version number inside SSTech as well, so people could follow the updates. I could even include journal entries in SSTech discussing the entries I’ve added. I should find a way to automate this process so I can export all Tech-tagged entries with one step. This requires it will require research and some Q&A.

Anything outside of the Tech category in the personal wiki will not fit SStech well. Posts of personal nature, such as meditation notes or an about section, means extra editing inside SSTech. I am not sure if I will have the time or energy at this point, I will have to see later.

The New Blog

This is the new blog.

Journal-based content: I should base my posts on my journal in my personal Wiki. It’s a good idea to record issues I tackle at work so I have more content to work with. This first blog post is an example of such a journal entry.

Frequency: One of the things I made a point of right away is that I should write about once a week, no more, no less. This way I push myself to publish content on a regular basis while having some quality control.

The SOP rundown: Technically, I should keep the 5-paragraph outline method. I should also include pictures and screenshots that I collect through my day .

The above does not make sense. Because of the of how  I post, direct copy paste from my journal with editing, my entries are usually long. I don’t want to force a formula that might damage the content. The point, after all, is to create raw descriptions of my thoughts with light editing. Questions, if someone is curious, can always be asked. I don’t want to hold peoples’ hands.

Also, my posts here will go serious chopping with the Hemingway App. I hope this will help to keep the language simple.