About Ideas and the Importance of Solitude

Ideas need an empty mind to grow. Vacuum. I find that the constant noise of other people can interfere with intuition and innovation. Opinions are all fine and good, but they can affect our fresh ideas and mold them into something, not ours, beat them into submission.

The groupthink threat is real. At the age of social media, there are many people we can relate to and agree with, and less of a need to come up with our own thoughts. Perhaps there’s nothing new under the sun, but the process of learning and discovery is necessary to shape a strong, creative mind.

When we constantly agree with ideas that are not our own our mental filter weakens. We are more remote and care less for opinions that are not our own. With time, we become lazy. We accept ideas not because we agree, but because we trust the source. The context matters less. Our ability to distinguish one situation from the next weakens as we apply the same judgment with a head nod.

As human beings, we constantly crave new things but remain unfulfilled. We stare at a wall. We know it’s a wall because we’ve been told it’s a wall, therefore, it must be true. We don’t even try to reach out to test it. We’re surrounded by borrowed concepts. We can’t make sense of these, so we just accept they are there. We decide we’re depressed. There’s something wrong with us because everything (any everyone) tells us we should be happy with what we have, but what we have is nothing.

My ideas are not better than yours. They are just mine.

My idea factory is my journal. A small place of private space where the only audience is me. My innovation happens best on long walks on cold days when the people I pass are few and far between. These are the best moments of clarity, where I find solutions to problems that have not yet come to pass. My sadness is my temple, where I am allowed to reflect on past inconvenient moments and adjust for a fulfilling future. My happiness is rooted in conquering these moments.

When my ideas are done, when innovation took its course, then it’s time to share. At this point, my ideas have grown enough in their solitude to stand against others’ opinions.