DnD: Nostalgia Makes a Welcome Appearance

One of my recent successes outside of tech is returning to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D, or as I prefer to call it, DnD). I played as a teenager in Israel two decades ago, back when the rest of my classmates were trying to party or arguing the eliteness of IDF army units.

I recently picked the hobby up again thanks to a friend from work who connected me with a couple looking for players. A perfect fit for me and my partner. Now, after our third game night, I’ve finally decided it’s time to give DnD its own page on my Wiki (which basically means I’m getting serious with it).

The first couple of times were a lot about learning the rules, of which there’s a book with over 300 pages. Last time we all talked about our characters’ traits and bonuses, discussing game rules, negotiating different “deals” with our DM. It was fun.

I noticed I’m role playing (RPing) RPing  better, partly because I know more of the rules and partly because I got more comfortable with our friends and opened up. Usually, I start to zone out around 2100 and completely fade around 2200, which is basically my bedtime, but this time I managed to remain alert throughout the whole thing. I got home after midnight and had about five hours of sleep. Not nearly enough, but it was worth it. The sessions usually last more than 6 hours.

DnD does a lot of good things for me. I am starting to see, as I’m learning the rules and getting more comfortable, that yes, this could be a great hobby again. It leads to writing, art, socializing (it is a drinking night with friends, after all), and it’s always a fun break from the daily grind.

DnD is a game like no other. It has the socializing aspects of a board game, but creativity and roleplaying abilities that go far beyond a simple board with game pieces. It is a game about storytelling that takes your creative juices (horror mixed with goth and some dark sexual elements in my case) and gives it life. I highly recommend it.